Eliminate Domestic Chores Easily With Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton

Why spend the free time you craved so much and waited with impatience in house cleaning? Don’t burden yourself with this heavy task especially after a long and hectic day at work. Leave the job to Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton. We are trained, we have years of experience on the job and we offer affordable cleaning services at low rates. Call 020 3746 8295 now and let us do what we love. In the meantime you can enjoy a nice long walk with your family and friends in the Cowley Lock park.

The Many Ways Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton Can Help

Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton offer a wide variety of domestic cleaning services to insure no spot in your home is left unattended. In our line of work we use top notch cleaning tools and technologies in order to insure the best possible results for your comfort.

  • Domestic Cleaning – divided into regular and one-off, the service is crafted for your convenience. You make the rules about when and what you want us wiping and dusting – daily, weekly or monthly visits.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning – a complete deep cleaning of the whole property when someone is moving in or out. The service is perfect for landlords or agencies who want to increase the value of their properties, or tenants who want to get one step closer to getting their safety deposit back.
  • Carpet Cleaning – using the hot water extraction, dry foam or dry cleaning method, we are able to restore the beautiful looks on your rugs and carpets. We can deal with all carpet fibre types and removal all kinds of stains.
  • Window Cleaning – we utilise a water fed pole that can reach up to 22 metres of height and purified water. This way we can clean your external windows directly from the ground without climbing ladders.
  • Oven Cleaning – Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton will take good care of your cookers and kitchen appliances and rid them of dirt, grease and grime. You will be ready to cook delicious meals again in no time.
  • Gutter Cleaning – an often neglected part of your home maintenance checklist, if your guttering system is left in the hands of fate it might eventually collapse. With our help we can prevent this from happening and will save you a lot of trouble and costly repair bills.
  • Rubbish Removals – we dispose of all your household junk with the exception of hazardous materials. We then take the garbage to the nearest dumpster/recycling center.

Benefits of Our Cleaning Services

  • Extensively trained, insured and fully vetted cleaning professionals
  • We are available on weekends and bank holidays
  • Same cleaner with replacement cleaners in case of holidays or sick leaves
  • You pay only when using the service
  • We only use Eco-friendly, child- and pet-safe cleaning detergents
  • Free instant quotes by phone, online booking form and live chat box
  • 24/7 customer support

How To Get In Touch With Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton

When is the right time to call us? -Anytime! We are at your service 24/7. You can contact us by calling 020 3746 8295 or using our online booking for for a free quotation. Our site’s live chat feature is also available for those who seek immediate answers to their questions.

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