Minimise The Risk Of Water Damage To Your Property With Gutter Cleaning West Drayton

In order to maintain a healthy gutter system and save your family budget from costly repair bills you must take care of your gutters and downpipes. This is a home maintenance task people often choose to ignore or even worse – they don’t know about its existence and risks. Call Shawn’s gutter cleaners in West Drayton on 020 3746 8295 and we will clean and fortify your guttering system against water damage at a reasonable price.

With The Help Of Shawn’s Gutter Cleaners in West Drayton You Will

  • Maintain the integrity and health of your gutter system
  • Prevent pests and insects from infesting your home
  • Avoid highly expensive repair bills
  • Take advantage of booking trained professionals that use the best cleaning methods on the market
  • Deal with one less house maintenance task from your checklist

What Takes Place In Guttering West Drayton

In our line of work we strive to deliver a flawless gutter cleaning service to our customers and make sure they are satisfied with the result. Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton utilise the safest and most efficient cleaning technique that includes:

  • Cleaning of all gutters in the house safely from the ground without the use of ladders and climbing equipment
  • We perform the service using a big wet vacuum machine with a camera at the end to make sure we don’t miss a spot
  • Customer can observe the cleaning process and see before and after pictures
  • The vacuum cleaner is connected to a carbon fibre telescopic pole with a length of up to 12 metres. The pole is bent at the end.
  • The 3000 watt powerful machine sucks all the debris and leaves from the gutter.
  • We can clean downpipes too but only if they are above ground level
  • The service has a 1 month guarantee as long as there hasn’t been any new leaf fall or debris during the period

Note: We need a source of electricity due to the fact that the machine is not detached to the van

How To Contact Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton

If you want to save yourself a lot of trouble with your gutter system you can call us on 020 3746 8295 and reach us via our contact form for a free personalised quote. You can also take advantage of our live chat feature where an operator will be waiting for your questions.

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