Revitalise Your Cookers With Oven Cleaning from Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton

Do you feel like you have lost the eternal battle against grease, dirt, grime and rust in your stove? Have you tried contacting an experienced professional for help? Don’t give up on your cooker yet! Call Shawn’s oven cleaners West Drayton on 020 3746 8295 and we will make sure to restore your oven to its true clean form. Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton use only the best oven cleaning methods, Eco-friendly cleaning products and all of this at an affordable price.

How Shawn’s Oven Cleaners West Drayton Execute The Task

We rely on top quality cleaning techniques and in our years of experience we have designed a special procedure to deliver outstanding oven cleaning results. The plan includes:

  • Thorough inspection of the oven before we commence
  • Dismantling it and taking out all removable parts such as panels, racks, trays etc
  • Soaking them up in a dip tank filled with cleaning solution
  • We scrap residual grime, dirt, grease and burnt or carbon by hand, as well as cleaning the oven glass
  • We then use brushes, sponges and eco-friendly cleaning agents to clean the removable parts
  • Rinsing everything with running water and assembling the oven
  • Polishing the oven to give it a shiny new look
  • Final inspection to prove the quality of the job, post-service maintenance tips
  • Your cooker is ready to use right after the service

Within The Cooker Cleaning Service Shawn’s Cleaners Also Clean

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Fridges
  • Extractors
  • Hobs
  • BBQs
  • Splash back
  • Tiles
  • Commercial kitchen

Benefits of Booking Professional Oven Cleaning

We are loyal to our customers, we work with care and our job is finished only when the client is fully satisfied with the service we have provided. With us you take advantage of:

  • A special cleaning method called Dip Tank
  • A team of trained, certified and fully insured professionals
  • Non-toxic and anti-bacterial sanitising detergents
  • 24/7 customer support centre
  • An intensively cleaned oven ready for use upon service completion

How to Book Oven Valeting West Drayton

If you are ready to win the fight against grease, dirt, grime and rust call us on 020 3746 8295 and we will make them vanish. You can also contact us via our online booking form and we will give you a personalised quote. Our live chat feature is also here to answer to all your questions about the service.

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