Expert Window Cleaning Services by Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton

Do you have any persistent or hard to reach stains on your windows? Have dust and dirt taken permanent residence there? Worry not for window cleaners West Drayton are here to clean off all grime and make your windows gleam like gemstones once again. Call 020 3746 8295 and let the sunshine flow independently through your home and office once more. Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton have a team of experienced professionals equipped with the latest cleaning technology. Our prices are unbeatable and we operate 24/7.

Why Choose Shawn’s Window Cleaners West Drayton

When you book with Shawn's Cleaners in West Drayton you get many advantages such as:

Customer Benefits:

  • Affordable price rates
  • No invasion of privacy
  • Price is final
  • We bring all the equipment and cleaning detergents (where needed)
  • We are available 24/7 with no extra charges for weekends and bank holidays
  • Free instant quotes
  • Key pick-up and delivery is available for your convenience
  • Same-day and emergency services
  • Post-service maintenance tips (if any)

Service Benefits:

  • Latest equipment – Water fed pole system, ladder, squeegee
  • Professional and fully trained window cleaning technicians
  • We use purified water to clean windows, which prevents dust from building up after we’ve cleaned them
  • We clean window sills and frames if they are PVC
  • Service packages and discounts
  • Sticker Removal available upon request
  • We will provide you with a checklist to ensure we have achieved a service to the highest standards
  • Quick, efficient, hassle free service

How Shawn’s Window Cleaning Services West Drayton Are Performed

The service consists of deep cleaning of windows by using the latest methods in the market. For internal windows we use a squeegee, a cleaning agent and a ladder if needed. For external windows we use a long water fed pole and purified water.

Using the water fed pole cleaning technique the technicians can reach up to the fourth floor of your building. No climbing and ladders are needed, as the service is performed from the ground. The pole is attached to a water supply in the cleaner’s van. It comes in different sizes depending on the height of your windows, skylights and conservatories – from 10 to 22 metres.

The Water Fed Pole System allows the technician to clean windows by taking off dirt and stains with a soft bristled brush and at the same time rinsing them off with pure water. The window will them dry out and remain streak-free.

How to Book Window Cleaning West Drayton

You can get in touch with is either by calling 020 3746 8295, using our contact form or live chat feature.

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